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Rythym That Produces Results

I am probably worse than anyone on the planet at staying focused and on task because I am a people person. If I hear a person talking anywhere in the building, restaurant, park bench, etc., my ears seem to automatically tune them in. This helps me many times to stay informed or get to know people very quickly, but it is a curse when work needs to be done.

I find that when I am able to work in an uninterrupted, flowing pattern, work seems to get knocked out. Also, If the time spent flowing between my priorities are distinguishable and planned I feel fulfilled and important work gets done…not just the (knock, knock, knock) urgent.

When I need to get into a rhythm I do the following…

Shut the door   (At the risk of being misunderstood)
Study the Bible
Review & plan the calendar for the month, week, current day, following day
Time block around priorities to accomplish
Execute the schedule

I do my best to direct the song of the day and not let the tapping of the urgent thought or conversation control me.

What do you do to get into a rhythm and have a productive work day?

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