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Give People A Break

One thing that just drives me crazy is greed.

If a person has honestly earned enough money to purchase something nice then let them enjoy it.  Who gives a rip if someone has a nice house, car, clothes, etc.? People sometime take a bad rap for living nicely from an honest income.  If you are one of the people who look down on others just because they have something you haven’t been able to earn then repentance is in order.  They may be a generous giver and be enjoying the blessing of God.  Maybe they give away 90 percent of their income and keep 10.  Their 10 percent maybe more than your 90.  Who knows?  If they have earned it dishonestly then God will take care of that too.  All the smirk in your heart won’t change a crying thing.  It will only repel someone away from you who could possibly teach you about finances and wealth.  We could all stand a little more wisdom in that area of life.

On the other hand, there are those who have earned all they will ever possibly be able to spend and yet they still scratch, and claw for more just to hoard it away and brag about a new shade of gold.  I don’t understand that side of greed either.  Why not repent and help the world, your employees, maybe even a distant double cousin who has very little with a timely gift of generosity?  I’m not talking about giving to cons who suck in their stomach every time you walk around them just to look hungry.  I’m talking about reflecting God’s goodness in your life by being truly generous enough to invest and make a difference with people, the community, and the world.

Remember God has blessed us all with what we have and rich or poor, we can make a difference by being as loving and generous as possible.  Let’s start by letting God be the judge and giving people a loving, generous break.

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