Four Students Give Over 10,000 To Speed the Light

January 24, 2010 Leave a comment

Today was a great day in Bossier City, Louisiana!  $97,000 plus was given in written down goals for Speed the Light in 2010 from the northern tier Assemblies of God churches in Louisiana.  There were maybe 150 students and leaders in attendance.

We also met 3 young people from the same church in Rocky Branch, LA who gave 4,300, 2,000, and 1,800 for STL in 2009.  Another young man, who couldn’t attend today, gave another thousand for their group.   That means four kids from a church that averages less than 25 in their youth group gave incredibly to see that Assemblies of God missionaries all over the world would have transportation and communication equipment to spread Jesus.  Unbelievable!  $10,100 from four kids!!


I’ll Be There

March 13, 2007 1 comment

I say it all the time…I’ll be here or there. We make an appointment and say “I’ll be there” at such and such time.

How do you or I know that we will be there? I really don’t and neither do you. How many times have you missed a wreck by a few minutes just because you were late getting away for your appointment. If you had left on time you probably wouldn’t have “been there.”

Only God himself knows if we will truly “be there” or not. I know I am playing on words here but I don’t ever want to lose a sense of God and the realization that He orders my steps. I won’t stop making commitments but I just want you to know they are faith commitments…by faith I will continue to be there for you and all others who may need me…as long as God wants me there and orders my steps to be there.